Sesame Seeds
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Detailed Product Description
Sesame Seed is the seed of Sesame indium. It is yellowish, whitish or black in colour and has a nut-like, mild flavor.

Sesame seed (natural) - It is rich in vitamin B and is an important nutritional additive to salads and dressings. It is extensively used to embellish bakery products such as sesame seeds on bread, breadsticks, cookies and candies and as a garnish on pasta and vegetables. It is also used in curry dishes.

Sesame seeds (hulled) - Natural sesame seed is cleaned before hulling. Sesame seeds are hulled in fresh water tanks with no additives or chemicals. This process implies that the seeds retain all natural richness and flavor, while losing its skin. Hulled sesame seeds enrich bakery and confectionery products. It is also the basis for creamy sweet wholesome Tahini