Dill Seeds
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Detailed Product Description

Dill Seeds are widely used in pickling as well as in German, Russian, and Scandinavian dishes. Dill Seed is good sprinkled overcasseroles before baking and used in salad dressings. It has a camphorous,slightly bitter flavor. In Europe, it is mostly used for bread, vegetable(especially cucumber), pickles, and fish; for the last application, the leavesare preferred. Furthermore, it is indispensable for herb flavored vinegars. Dillis also one of the few herbs used in the cooking of the Baltic states, where chopped dill is a frequent decoration on variousfoods (e.g., boiled potatoes), similar to the use of and in other European countries. Fresh dill leaves (dill weed) is a kind ofnational spice in Scandinavian countries, where fish or shellfish dishes areusually either directly flavored with dill or served together with saucescontaining dill. German cooks also tend to use dill mostly for fish soups andstews. In India,however, dried dill fruits are occasionally used to flavor the lentil and beandishes known as dal.